19 days until take·off …

60th coupe aéronautique gordon bennett
fai world long distance gas balloon championship
gladbeck · germany
september 15 – 24, 2016

and these pilots are getting ready for the race:

this list of competitors will be confirmed during the roll-call at the general briefing, 15th sept 2016.
(source: gordonbennett.aero)

with two gas balloons.
07.08.2016 · 02:20 utc · duesseldorf – eller · germany.
07.08.2016 · 06:50 utc · vosswinkel / sauerland · germany.

with heinz · andreas · dominik & himke / d-oenh
and volker kuinke with friends / d-ownt.

big fun!

a beautyful winterflight …

with friends on a cold and sunny day.
09.01.2016 · 07:14 utc · gladbeck · germany.
09.01.2016 · 14:53 utc · hackemühle / district cuxhaven · germany.

with volker · dominik & miriam · dominik & himke.

pics: jan czonstke / himke.


the bundeskommission freiballon im daec nominated us for the
60th coupe aéronautique gordon bennett 2016
in gladbeck / germany.

thank you.
we are happy!

this moment, when you realize that you and three of your friends may be the only ones in the whole world who watch the bloodmoon / the total lunar eclipse / the harvest moon from out of a gas balloon basket.


the ‘special-moon-flight’ 2015.
28.09.2015 · 02:40 utc · gladbeck · germany
28.09.2015 · 06:55 utc · sint-huibrechts-lille · belgium

with chris almodt · christian meesters · dominik haggeney & himke hilbert.

article in the german ballonsportmagazin january / february 2016:

pics: himke & dominik.
article: christian.

2015 america’s challenge.

update: unfortunately cancelled due to bad weather conditions.

a new great adventure in gas ballooning will start next weekend:

the 20th america’s challenge gas balloon race 2015

we ‘follow’ our friends from here and wish them the best of luck.
enjoy your flights and fingers crossed for a safe landing!
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do you wonder …

how is life onboard of a gas balloon during a gordon bennett race?
enjoy the view through the eyes of the pilots:

pics: pilots for the fai flickr album.
thank you for sharing.

congratulations …

to kurt & pascal (sui 1) for winning this years coupe aéronautique gordon bennett!

compliments to wilhelm & matthias (ger 1) for finishing second and nicolas & laurent (sui 2) for the third place.

great job!

see pictures of the award ceremony and of all other
great fai gordon bennett 2015 moments here.

next years fai world long distance gas balloon championship will take place in gladbeck / germany.

thank you.

a big thank you especially to:

mike for his atc-preparation and excellent (pre-) flight-coordination before the race, his great support while we were aloft and the weather information,

tomas for his fabulous meteorologic advice and the perfect tactics for us prior and during the race,

and both of them for the 24/7 availability … we felt safe every second of our flight.

katja and charly, who helped us with a delicious catering, moving tons of sand, watching the balloon after inflation for hours, helping with styling-tips😉 before the opening ceremony, they chased us from southwest france to the middle of germany: they drove almost 4.000km and spent days and nights in the car. thank you so much for the enjoyable time together,

team austria I, who gave their helping hands prior to our launch in pau. (we are very sorry, that you were not able to fly! your help was much appreciated.)

and all the family, friends and people who gave us support in several ways.

we had a wonderful time. 

provisional & official results.

the event organiser has published the results for the 59th coupe aéronautique gordon bennett: