gordon­-bennett­-qualifikations­-wettbewerb 2016
(distance / duration)


yeah! we have qualified for this years coupe aéronautique gordon bennett in fribourg / switzerland as team germany I.

final results published by the bundeskommission freiballon


getting into swiss culinary delights: the swiss national dish raclette.
gas ballooning deluxe.

thank you to alexandra & marc.

look, who welcomed us!

na zdrowie!

krzysztof zapart & dariusz nowaczyński from balloon club swidnica welcomed us at our landing site in rózana / mieroszów · poland.

dariusz made these wonderful pics:

thank you very much!

year-end-flight to poland.

qualification flight no. 2 in 2016: distance (649 km).
30.12.2016 · 13:41 utc · gladbeck · germany
31.12.2016 · 11:41 utc · rózana / mieroszów · poland

what a spontaneous and perfect year-end-flight 😃

thank you very much! this flight would not have been possible without the support and help of tomas hora, andreas wiegeler and heinz kröger.


qualifikation flight 2016: duration (60 hrs. 20 min).
05.12.2016 · 21:50 utc · gladbeck · germany
08.12.2016 · 10:10 utc · edfo michelstadt · odenwald · germany

a big thank you to the dfs – deutsche flugsicherung, to tomas hora, frank eickmeyer, christian meesters and to our family & good friends who supported us.

thank you to the team of the restaurant ‘roter baron’ for perfect food and a cosy place at the fireside. visit the aero-club odenwald, michelstadt e.V.

hot wine punch & xmas cookies …

a wonderful winter day out with friends.
29.11.2016 · 10:20 utc · gladbeck · germany.
29.11.2016 · 14:20 utc · wesel (28km!) · germany.

with volker · dominik · dieter · dominik & himke / d-ownt.

big, big fun!

FAI ∙ ‘high fliers’

track animation gordon bennett 2016

by marc andré.

balloonmail … from france.

video of the launch

skip to 1:03:00