gordon bennett race 2017, team

short stop … 

close to the swiss border on our way to gruyère.

gordon bennett race 2017

preparing for the GBR …

today we inspected the envelope of our balloon and packed it for our journey to switzerland.

gordon bennett race 2015, team

thank you.

a big thank you especially to:

mike for his atc-preparation and excellent (pre-) flight-coordination before the race, his great support while we were aloft and the weather information,

tomas for his fabulous meteorologic advice and the perfect tactics for us prior and during the race,

and both of them for the 24/7 availability … we felt safe every second of our flight.

katja and charly, who helped us with a delicious catering, moving tons of sand, watching the balloon after inflation for hours, helping with styling-tips 😉 before the opening ceremony, they chased us from southwest france to the middle of germany: they drove almost 4.000km and spent days and nights in the car. thank you so much for the enjoyable time together,

team austria I, who gave their helping hands prior to our launch in pau. (we are very sorry, that you were not able to fly! your help was much appreciated.)

and all the family, friends and people who gave us support in several ways.

we had a wonderful time. 

all & nothing, gordon bennett race 2014, team


we felt very happy that you joined us in vichy,
paul haggeney, marie-luise missel & heinz kröger, marietta haggeney, katja haggeney burmann, markus haggeney and babette haggeney.

picture by jris frieden.
thank you!