gordon bennett race 2015

gordon bennett race 2015: location & schedule.

the 59th coupe aéronautique gordon bennett will take place from
august 27th to september 4th 2015 at the

hippodrome de pau.


thursday, august 27, 2015 • opening day

registration and check-in.
general briefing.
opening ceremony and drawing of the launch.

friday, august 28, 2015 • launch day

national anthems of the competing teams are played, different activities and shows in air sports are announced for the afternoon and night by the organizing committee.

friday, september 4, 2015

evening gala and awards ceremony.

please read the schedule of the organizer.

 (current state)

gordon bennett race 2014, team

now ‘the team’ is complete.

after the general briefing at the hippodrome, where we got more information for the race tomorrow, we are happy to meet marietta, paul, babette, katja and markus haggeney at the official welcome ceremony at the vichy city hall.

gordon bennett race


after a long journey we finally arrived in vichy … enjoying an excellent dinner at empire café.