all & nothing, gordon bennett race 2014, team


we felt very happy that you joined us in vichy,
paul haggeney, marie-luise missel & heinz kröger, marietta haggeney, katja haggeney burmann, markus haggeney and babette haggeney.

picture by jris frieden.
thank you!

gordon bennett race 2014, team

thank you!

we are back home.
a great adventure comes to an end.

our very special thanks goes to

mike for his accurate atc-preparation and excellent (pre-) flight-coordination in months, weeks and days before the race, his great support during our flights, the endless weather information, his 24/7 availability, … we felt safe every moment of our flights.

marie-luise and heinz, who helped us at the launch field, chased us way down to corsica, organized ferries and logistics, found the best streets for us. they drove almost 4.500km, spent days and nights in our car, they accompanied us during our first gordon bennett race from the beginning to the end.

alfred, alfons, ben and david, my ‘buddies’ from the fsv münster, who gave a helping hand during and after the inflation in vichy.

tomas, irene and peter for helpful weather information during the race.

katja, who found and booked cosy hotels and nice places for us to stay while our journey through southern europe.

marietta and paul for our warm welcome home and

all the family, friends and people who gave us support in several ways.

we had a great time. danke.

gordon bennett race 2014, team

now ‘the team’ is complete.

after the general briefing at the hippodrome, where we got more information for the race tomorrow, we are happy to meet marietta, paul, babette, katja and markus haggeney at the official welcome ceremony at the vichy city hall.

all & nothing, gas balloon

wapenveld / netherlands.

die reise auf der morgenröte.
15.10.2011 · 04:35 utc · gladbeck · germany
15.10.2011 · 08:40 utc · e wapenveld · the netherlands

footage by olli.
thank you!

competitions, gas balloon

german nationals 2011.

german gas balloon nationals: 2nd place.
03.06.2011 · 04:15 utc · burgkirchen · germany
03.06.2011 · 07:35 utc · ne grafing · germany

1. rainer hassold & thomas fink
2. dominik haggeney & himke hilbert
3. bepperl höhl & georg sellmaier